Have a New Husband by Friday

Have a New Husband by Friday
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Is it even possible? Dr Leman shows you how you can have the man of your dreams with just a little tune-up. You can change your husbands attitude, behavior, and communication in 5 days or less! PAPERBACK

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Average Rating: 3.7

Uncomfortable truths

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Yes, the methods in here are simple. But maybe that's not a bad thing. I wish I would have received this book at the beginning of my marriage. It would have saved a lot of hurt and pain. Reading through this book with a humble heart has forced me to see mistakes I have made. I thought I was showing him love, but I realize I wasn't showing it in the ways that speak to his heart. I am hoping that now, after two decades of being together that putting these methods in action can heal anger and resentment and help us to connect again. I wish there were a book about women that Dr Leman could write that would be for men to read as well. (Dec 27 2016, 18:28 PM)

Overly simplified

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I am not quite finished with this book, but I have to say I am resistant to its overly simplified suggestoins. For one, what Dr. Leman is suggesting feels very much like manipulation: I'll give you what you want in order to get what I want. It feels similar to raising a toddler: distract them with the right things and they'll do what you want. Related to that is the fact that, as I have experienced, there is no guarantee that surrendering our own needs as wives will guarantee that our husbands will reciprocate. They are sinful human beings and may just enjoy having their needs met without the thought of doing the same for their wives. And you know, if my husband is only willing to "die for me" or meet my needs AFTER I have met all his needs, honestly, that doesn't feel a lot like love. It makes it feel like I am worth sacrificing for only I have met certain standards and that my needs are not worth considering simply because I am loved. In addition, the book doesn't fully enough address some much deeper issues that lead marriages to a place of lacking submission from either spouse: unhealed wounds, sinful patterns, generational sins, etc. While it's true that often our feelings follow our actions, when it comes to deeper emotional issues, simply doing the right thing will not provide healing. (Jun 24 2011, 20:32 PM)

Have a New Husband by Friday

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I am reading this book. I am almost finished. I understand the need for respect, to be needed & fulfillment. Women desire those, also. My problem is that doing the things suggested makes me feel like I am manipulating my husband. I really am trying to grasp Dr. Leman's concepts but in this area I am having some difficulty. Perhaps by the time I finish the book, my views will have changed or I will have a better understanding. (Nov 30 2010, 15:04 PM)

How to have a new husband by Friday

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This book helped me understand my husband and help us to become friends again. I struggled with opening up but I found that I just needed to believe that he was willing to be there for me and my family. This book is a must read. (Jul 07 2010, 23:17 PM)


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Hello Dr Leman, I was so excited with your book "Have a new husband by friday"! I said, ok this is the one that i am looking for to help me improving my relationship with my husband. It is a very good book, but unfortunatley It doesn't work on midle eastern men:-) God Bless You (Jun 22 2010, 13:47 PM)
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