Have a New Kid by Friday

Have a New Kid by Friday
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"So essentially we are a bunch of dumb block headed parents and this book actually got through my own large BLOCKED BRAIN…This worked for me in TWO days. Five days is just not accurate. It took me two days and I haven't even finished the book yet! I am still reading! THIS BLOCK HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED! (laughing hard)"

Want a kid without the attitude? Without the behavior that makes you slink away in the grocery store and pretend you're not the parent. Dr. Kevin Leman has a 5-day action plan that really works! With his wit and commonsense psychology, family expert Dr. Leman reveals why your kids do what they do and what you can do about it --starting right now!! PAPERBACK
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Average Rating: 4.1

Excellent Resource

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I thought this book was great. It was easy to read and good advice. I keep my copy in an easy to place so I can consult it on a regular basis. The specific senarios are a wonderful resource to have around, it is like having Dr. Leman there to help me with my problems. (Apr 28 2017, 11:49 AM)

Love this book

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I am not much as a reader, but going through some though times with my older son. One day we went to the library for him and out of nowhere this book was just there and it seemed like God have heard my prayers. I believe that things happen for a reason I picked this book up and I can say that it was meant for me to read. I love this book it has help me a great deal with my 10 year old I have only read to Wednesday and have applied some of the techniques and can say that it has really help me. I have reccomended the book to my friends and co-workers. (Apr 16 2013, 18:28 PM)

Have a New Kid by Friday

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Wow, I bought my first copy in the summer of 2009 and I have bought 5 copies since, and I have yet to finish the book because I have been giving out copies to friends and family. I always carry the books I read arround with me and I have praised the book so much that my brother ( has 4 kids under the age of 8yrs.old ) in Toronto called me this week to tell me that wow it works and that he has referred it to 3 of his friends. Dr. K. Leman, your book is simple and make sence. I hope to find other books from you that will help me with our Brady Bunch family and inlaws ( very close to us -on the farm ). Thank you for you help ! Jeannette (Apr 21 2010, 02:45 AM)

Have a new kid by Friday

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To Dr. Leman, thank you for the well-written book you wrote. I finished reading it during the holidays. It is so inspirational and enlightening to me. The strategies you recommended are so practical and effective. I applied some of them on my grandchildren and the strategies worked well. I recommended the book to my daughter to read, and her ways of disciplining her small children had dramatically She also wants to purchase the book for her friends as gifts. We all need to learn how to parenting the children the way you suggested because they are truly effective. (Dec 30 2009, 18:11 PM)

Have a New Kid By Friday

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This book is very good and full of practical advice. It was a quick and easy read, which is helpful for busy parents. I did have some concerns about some advice on specific issues at the back of the book. I think we need to be careful not to purposefully shame our children or center them out in a negative way. As Dr. Leman says, relationship is our #1 priority. We need to build them up, not tear them down. (Dec 20 2009, 23:18 PM)
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