Have a New Kid by Friday

Have a New Kid by Friday
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"So essentially we are a bunch of dumb block headed parents and this book actually got through my own large BLOCKED BRAIN…This worked for me in TWO days. Five days is just not accurate. It took me two days and I haven't even finished the book yet! I am still reading! THIS BLOCK HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED! (laughing hard)"

Want a kid without the attitude? Without the behavior that makes you slink away in the grocery store and pretend you're not the parent. Dr. Kevin Leman has a 5-day action plan that really works! With his wit and commonsense psychology, family expert Dr. Leman reveals why your kids do what they do and what you can do about it --starting right now!! PAPERBACK
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Average Rating: 4.1

Enough is Enough

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Ibought this book one day when I just could not stand to be in my own home. I read the book first and started working on myself first. Respond, not react was my hardest thing to overcome. Then I started trying the - no B before A. It worked. My husband noticed a huge difference in me and his son in the first week. I showed him the book, which he read, and then we started the following Monday. For two weeks it was touch and go. We stood firm on "the perks of the family" and "is this a home or hotel?". At the end of three weeks he refused everything schoolwork, chores, church and even personal hygene. He turned 18 and four days later, declared our rules unfair, bogus and making his life miserable. He said he was not happy living like he was in prison, so. He was moving out and there was nothing we could do to stop him. He moved in with his maternal grandmother (his mom passed away when he was 14). This may sould like a tragedy for our family, but it is not. We had done everything we knew to do and your book helped us realize we were not far off from what we should be doing. Sometimes you will have a child that will not make right choices in life and they will have to learn the hard way. All I know is my husband has never had peace in our home and now we do. It was always from one crisis to another 24/7/365. It was literally killing us phyically and emotionally. Our marriage was already to the breaking point because of a young man refused responsibility and accountibility for his life. He actually seems to be happier with his grandmother. So for now we finally have peace and can breath. I really learned a lot in this book and I appreciate your time in sharing with us a way to help keep our focus on the big picture. Also, that the feelings and problems we were having were not just ours alone. There are other parents out there going through the same things. As you said the kids unite so should the parents. Thank you!! (Sep 26 2009, 04:18 AM)

Practical Help

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I've read many parenting books, and this is one of the most practical and helpful that I have read. As always, Leman is enjoyable to read, but this book has a lot of meat and a rather exhaustive list of topics listed so you can easily thumb through and read about what you're dealing with today! I was challenged to stop threatening to discipline my children and just do it! I highly recommend it. (Aug 21 2009, 20:43 PM)

This worked in two days!

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So essentially we are a bunch of dumb block headed parents and this book actually got through my own large BLOCKED BRAIN. Examples are great so here we go.... My two year old Annabel usually has me running around to get her dressed in the morning. Although it is hilarious and I am usually busting a gut while chasing her, it was becoming a more frequent occurrence. I tried the "I am the Mama and you are the child, now please come here so I can get you dressed." That didn't work so well. I tried time out, but she then started putting herself on time out and picking out the area! I even tried ignoring her. She started to ignore me. So here comes Dr. Leman to our church in Fayetteville and talks about this book. This book is phenominal by the way people. Well to make this insanely already long example come to a much needed point... She ran and I stopped. It was the most hilarious picture. My two year old was stunned that Mommy was not chasing. Mommy was holding the shirt and waiting patiently for Little Miss Triathlon to take a turn around and put her shirt on. The dumbfounded look screwed up her sweet features and then it happened... She walked up to me with her arms raised for me to put her shirt on. No chasing. No frustration. No struggle. Just as you please, walked up to me with her little chubby arms and willingly put on the shirt. This was on Monday by the way. First day, first success and many followed... Now she is a second child. Imagine the change my six year old went through and she is even more stubborn! This worked for me in TWO days. Five days is just not accurate. It took me two days and I haven't even finished the book yet! I am still reading! THIS BLOCK HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED! (laughing hard) (Mar 03 2009, 18:46 PM)

Have a New Kid by Friday

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Dr. Leman has insights that every parent should consider. Whether parents are having major or minor discipline problems, the practical and commonsense advice in this book are priceless. I especially like the anecdotes and then the application of the principles of childrearing that Dr. Leman so clearly provides. If you know of a family struggling with child discipline, consider leaving a copy of this book on their door step. They will be intrigued by the secret donor and will have no one to be angry with. Who knows, they might even read it and straighten out their kids. If you read the book and like it, consider starting a neighborhood book club and discuss its contents. Book club members can read a chapter, discuss it and then talk about how it relates to their family. When they try one of the ideas in the book, they can share their success with the group. What fun you will have when your kids and those in the neighborhood begin to change their behavior. (Dec 03 2008, 01:14 AM)
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