Have a New Teenager by Friday

Have a New Teenager by Friday
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Congratulations! You have a teenager in your home. Life will never quite be the same again, but you already know that. It can still be better than you've ever dreamed in only 5 days.With his signature wit and commonsense psychology, internationally recognized family expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman helps parents 1. communicate with the "whatever" generation 2. establish healthy boundaries and workable guidelines 3. gain respect--even admiration--from their teenager 4. turn selfish behavior around 5. navigate the critical years with confidence 6. pack their teenager's bags with what they need for life now and in the future 7. become the major difference maker in their teenager's life Teenagers can successfully face the many temptations of adolescence and grow up to be great adults. And parents, Dr. Leman says, are the ones who can make all the difference, because they count far more in their teenager's life than they'll ever know . . . even if their teenager won't admit it (at least until she's in college and wants to know how to do the laundry).

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Have a New Teenager by Friday

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I am loving the book. Thank you. You have given me some very valuable advice and insight. I am 67 and in the process of raising our 16 year old grand-daughter. We identify with nearly everything in the book. She came to live with us last year so there are lots of challenges for us that we did not face with our own children. Your book is just what we needed. I would like to know what kind of presents your wife gave the friends who came to your home. We have lots of teens coming over and I think that is a great idea. (Mar 22 2016, 02:30 AM)

It is like magic.

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A friend heard Dr. Leman on Catholic Radio, and when I was struggling, recommended the book to me. I'm a bisexual single mom of one, and this book was terrifically helpful to me. (I say this to assure folks who are not straight/partnered that it is still very relevant and useful.) I had a very hard time with the beginning of the book, as I have been both permissive and authoritarian, and felt massively guilty at how much I'd messed up. But once I got past that and started implementing the ideas, I was astonished at how effective it was. My son was startled but began participating in helping at home right away. It's still hard, but not nearly the struggle it had been. I listened to this book on audio (from the library), but want to buy it to go over parts of it again. I happily skipped over the sibling rivalry and divorce sections. :) I've been recommending it all over the place. It really is fantastic. (Dec 02 2014, 19:14 PM)

Sense where sense matters

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This book is wonderful. As a parent of three adopted children, with one who was dealt a terrible first 5 years of his life, this book has helped me guide parenting when times get tougher than they normally would. Dr. Lemans tactics are straight to the point & make perfect sense. It is a very helpful guide into the unknown. (Jun 01 2014, 15:18 PM)

Mom of 9

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Being a very large blended family of 9 children, his, mine and ours; we have been through some of the hardest relationship battles you can imagine. his kids came froma broken home, bitter divorce and nasty court involvement. Mine faired much better, an easy transition, and together we have had 3 beautiful daighters. While our marriage holds strong, our grip on tryin got maintain complete order had desended into complete chaos. Thanks to your book "have a new teeneager by friday" I saw that I was trying ot control way too much, I was suffocating the first borns, and coddling the youngest children. I had become unbalanced in how I dealt with all of them. I look forward to reading your other books as I have all ages in my home, and would love to read your book on marriage as well. After all I want this second marriage to beat all the odds! Thanks again! (Nov 19 2011, 00:44 AM)

Great book!

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Dr. Leeman has a great perspective on how teens today perceive and interact in society. He also has a great perspective on the struggles that parents of teens face. This book offers incredible advice on how to partner with your teen so that you develop a strong relationship that can handle and survive any challenge that your teen faces ... even when they do not make the best decisions that they should. This book is a must read for every parent of a teen! I guarantee you will learn something, even if you already have a "successful" parenting relationship with your teen. (Nov 16 2011, 01:30 AM)
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