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Dr. Kevin Leman offers parenting and marriage advice that can change your life.

Some of our most rewarding life experiences also can be our most challenging. Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally renowned psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author of more than 30 books, provides easy techniques, helpful tips and clear insight that will change the way you look at and resolve the parenting, marriage and relationship issues in your life.

He brings common sense to common problems.

Dealing with topics that range from raising children and birth order to business and marriage, Dr. Leman tells it like it is. With just the right touch of humor, his parenting books, couples advice and perspective on family and relationships deliver real-life answers to real-life problems.

Finally...self-help books written just for you.

How many times have you read a self-help book only to be disappointed because the advice didn’t apply to your situation? Dr. Leman makes you feel like his books are written especially for you because he combines his professional training as a psychologist with his own personal experiences as a husband and father. If Dr. Leman is not in your book collection, he should be.

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