Making Children Mind without Losing Yours-Revised Edition

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours-Revised Edition
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We've seen the enemy, and they're small . . . and unionized.

If you're looking for parental direction in today's tumultuous world and your pint-sized treasures often seem to have the upper hand, you're not alone. How can you encourage healthy attitudes, positive behavior, and long-lasting values in children of all ages?

Parenting isn't easy, but it's simpler than you think. With Dr. Leman's practical, action-oriented methods, you'll learn how to
· Get your kids to listen to you
· Use the seven principles of reality discipline to create a win-win every time
· Establish values your children will want to emulate
· Get your kids to willingly talk to you
· Put yourself back in the driver's seat
· Rear responsible adults who are difference makers in the world
· And much more

Want respectful, well-behaved kids who make good choices now and in the long haul? Making Children Mind without Losing Yours, now revised for a new generation of parents and kids, is a simple game plan any parent can follow.


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Shaped our family

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I bought the original book when we had very young children. Now that we are on the other side of parenting (kids are in their 20’s) I can say it was the single most impactful book we had in shaping out parenting style. I have recommended this book to friends for years and am more than happy to do so here as well. Read it. Do it. Your children will thank you some day (ours have)! (Dec 11 2017, 12:47 PM)

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

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This book saved my entire household when my 11 year old step-son, prone to violent outburst and very disagreeable, came to live with me. It was a common sense approach to most any difficulty you could possible encounter with a child.. and it worked like magic! It empowered me to take control. With this book and a great Child Therapist that recommended the book, I completely lost my sense of helplessness and was able to TRULY help my step-son with applying positive methods and discipline.. I've recommended it to many, many, many parents. (Nov 18 2014, 15:48 PM)

Making your kids mind without losing yours

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I recently finished this book and want to share it with everyone I know!! Though it is hard for me to be creative in each situation I am doing my best to apply the Reality Discipline with my kids. They are doing so much better with it then my authoritive/permissive parenting. My first goal was to simply Stop Yelling at everyone and recognize the tone in my voice when I speak to them. They have been so much more helpful and most the time are beginning to listen quickly. I have even seen changes in my authoritarian husband. He doesn't know what I am doing cuz, frankly, I don't think he actually "hears" much of what I say, but I have noticed he sometimes tries to follow my lead with the kids. I have learned so much just from this book on why I am the way I am and why my kids are the way they are. I have written notes on paper that I can review often to remind myself of how authoritive parenting actually works. I will be passing this book around to my friends and family and even bought a second copy, just in case the "loaner" doesn't come home. (Oct 09 2011, 02:13 AM)

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

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I was given this book 21 years ago when my daugter was 2 years old. I loved the common sense approach to parenting. My daugter is now a happy well adjusted mother of two and is using reality discipline to raise her little angels. I have given dozens of copies to friends and family members over the years. I am reading the book again now to brush up so I can be effective as a grandmother. (Oct 05 2010, 19:24 PM)

Best investment

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This is the best common sense book to parenting that I have read.....and I have read alot of them. I have a very strong willed and bright only child. If you follow the principles of this book, it works. I would be insane by now if it wasn't for this book. (Nov 17 2008, 18:01 PM)
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