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Planet Middle School
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 It happens to every parent. One day, you have a sweet son or daughter who loves to snuggle on the couch and who puts a smile on your face just by walking into the room. The next day, it's as if someone left the door open and let in an alien with a smart mouth and an attitude that, frankly, you could do without. Entering middle school is like stepping onto a different planet--for parent and child alike. It's a planet where peer pressure, social media, and hormones can wreak havoc in your child's life and in your relationship with him or her. 

But these years don't have to create chaos in your family. Parenting expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman's time-tested principles will aid parents in helping their middle schooler not only survive but thrive during these turbulent years on Planet Middle School. He shows parents how to

- understand their child's rapidly expanding world
- respond rather than react to emotional swings
- tell their child about sex (before someone else tells them their version)
- create opportunities for their child to practice selflessness and gratitude
- ensure that their kid is one who loves home and family

Middle schoolers can be a weird, unpredictable species. But with a little help from Dr. Leman, parents will be able to ride out the interstellar storm with humor and confidence.

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Changed my life...the 1st day I started it.

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This book is a must for anyone with a child between the ages of 10-25 (I made that range up). My son is 11 and recently began to exhibit some change in his behavior and his physical stature and appearance. Fortunately for our family, we heard Dr. Leman on the radio (Bott in STL) describing this book. It can change your interactions with your kid overnight if you take it to heart. I especially like how he describes what is going on in their brains--Often, we still want to treat them like a baby yet they are beginning to exhibit young adult like behaviors. When my son recently dropped his tacos on the floor and all over the kitchen after a very busy day at reaction was completely different. We were able to laugh about it and moved on. Since this interaction, things have gotten better and better with my ability to handle his needs/concerns balanced with a need to continue to guide, shape, and influence. By the way, I literally read the 1st chapter on the night of the "taco incident" and it demonstrated an immediate impact. MUST READ! (Apr 19 2016, 18:24 PM)
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